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Steven Paas (born 1942) is a theologian and a researcher. He has worked in successively The Netherlands and Malawi. In his early years he served as a commissioned officer in the Dutch army. Subsequently, he was a journalist and a secondary school teacher. Finally, he served as a seminary lecturer of Theology and a minister of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian. He received army officer training (military science) at the Royal Military Academy - Koninklijke Militaire Academie (KMA) in Breda and was trained as a military intelligence officer at the Department for Language Specialists (TAS-Russian) of the School Military Intelligence Service - School Militaire Inlichtingen Dienst (SMID) in Harderwijk. He qualified for the teaching the subjects of English and Christian Religious Education through various teacher training colleges, the Noordelijke Leergangen and the Reformatorische Leergangen both in Zwolle, and the Evangelische Hogeschool in Amersfoort. As a theologian Paas graduated from the University of Amsterdam (MTh) and the Theological University of Apeldoorn (PhD - Theology).

His current fields of research are:

(1) Church History, especially the historical formation of ideas on hermeneutics and ecclesiology.

(2) The phenomenon of Israelism or Christian Zionism in comparison to the classical Christian view of the position of Israel in God's plan of fulfilment and salvation in Jesus Christ, as it has been revealed in the Scriptures of the Old Testament and in the New Testament. See various publications in English and in Dutch.

(3) Lexicography of Chichewa, the most widely spread vernacular language in South-Central Africa. See: www.chichewadictionary.org and http://translate.chichewadictionary.org